Pass Senate Bill 2 Now

Urge your representative to vote YES on the most significant public pension reform bill in the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly.

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Clock running out on chance to fix pensions

With roughly two weeks of working days left, the Kentucky General Assembly is running out of time to provide a much-needed remedy for the state’s critically ill pension systems, according to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

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VIDEO: Kentucky is Drowning


How bad is it?People holding dollars
If all 4.3 million Kentuckians were asked to pitch in to fix the 36 billion pension deficit, it would take $8,268 from every man, woman and child in the Commonwealth.

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What is the pension crisis?
Pension Img
Kentucky is drowning in a financial crisis. The state’s public pension systems – retirement plans for our teachers, fire fighters, state police

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How does this affect you?iStock_000012117011_Medium

Even though this financial crisis directly threatens the security of retired teachers and government employees, it also poses grave risks for all Kentucky taxpayers. Here’s how:

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Who is covered by Kentucky’s pension system?

Firefighter police officer judge construction worker and businesswoman

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