There are many questions circulating about Kentucky’s pension crisis. In addition to downloading A Citizen’s Guide to Kentucky’s Pension Crisis to educate yourself about the issue, click the links below to view the answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions.

  1. What is the inviolable contract and what does the Kentucky Chamber recommend doing about it?

  2. Why don’t teachers receive Social Security benefits?

  3. How many people are in Kentucky’s retirement system (both active and retired) and what do the numbers mean for Kentucky’s future?

  4. People are living longer. Is this one of the contributors to the pension crisis?

  5. Why are Kentucky’s pension systems exempt from transparency?

  6. Why does the Kentucky Chamber say it would cost more than $8,000 per Kentuckian to fix the pension crisis?

  7. Why has the Chamber taken an interest in this state issue? What does it have to do with the businesses that the Chamber advocates for?

  8. Which states also have poorly funded systems? How does Kentucky compare?

  9. What has been done so far to address the pension crisis?

  10. What is the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly doing to address the crisis?

Click here to download a PDF of all FAQs and their answers.